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6 Staggering Police Brutality Statistics

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4. It’s Not About Crime

police brutality unarmed killings


Time and again, critics will argue that the victims should have just calmly obeyed the officer’s orders and accepted their detainment or arrest without putting up a fight. But what if you were stopped by police for no reason, and they demanded to unlawfully search you or your vehicle? We do not live in a carceral state, and we should not blindly accept police authority when no lawful reasons are given.

As this graph shows, 69% of the black victims of police in 2015 were not even suspected to be armed or committing a violent crime, yet they ended up dead just like their armed and dangerous counterparts.

3. Killing Rates

police brutality black death rates


We hear the stories and names of the black police victims that most shock us or that have videos go viral, but there are far more killings than the ones the media picks up every 4 or so months. At least 346 black Americans were killed by police officers last year alone, but this has been happening at some frighteningly consistent rates over the past several years. As you can see above, the trend is increasing.

2. Location, Location, Location

police brutality killings by location


Crime rates in a given city are not related to the number of people killed by police, but the city itself is. A black person is seven times as likely to be killed by police in Oklahoma than in Georgia. The cities of Hialeah, Albuquerque, Madison, Tulsa, and North Las Vegas top the list of deadliest cities for black men at the hands of police.