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Star Trek Music Videos Will ‘Blow You Away’

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Musical Starships

Fans stop at no lengths to make their love for certain franchises even more accessible to the masses, and this often means blending genres to create totally new experiences.

Whether through dubbing, cutting and editing, or adding new elements to old film, making new movies from old Star Trek clips is nothing new, but the trend of turning Star Trek scenes into music videos is one that we’re happy to get on board with.


From the Original Series onward, and featuring varied artists like the Benjamin Brothers and Linkin Park, you’ve got to see some of these Star Trek music videos!

You have the bridge…now rock out!

Some of Star Trek‘s most humorous scenes are when we see the Enterprise crew in the bridge during an attack, watching the actors fling themselves from wall to wall of the set as the camera shakes violently.

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This led to a trend on the internet where Star Trek fans took footage from The Next Generation and stabilizing it so as to show just how funny these moments are. This one sets it to a nice tune.

But aside from stabilization, the shaky bridge scenes have another great purpose: making Star Trek music videos. Check out “Star Metal”!

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This video, uploaded on February 2nd by YouTuber Casey OKelly, picked up hundreds of views in a short time, and it’s so easy to watch on repeat you’ll see why.