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Star Wars Pin-Ups Are Out of This World

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Slave Leia Has Nothing On This

Admit it, in various movies and franchises, sometimes you get pretty attached to your favorite characters. And who doesn’t love seeing these works of fiction redesigned across various genres?

Artist Andrew Tarusov was probably thinking this same thing when he started turning some of the world’s most popular fictional characters into pin up models. Yup, you read that right.

star wars pin up rey

Credit: Andrew Tarusov

Known for his famous illustrations of vintage-style pin up models, Tarusov has reimagined some of the most famous characters out there, such as Disney princesses, but it was another collection that caught our eye.

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Andrew created a slew of Star Wars-inspired pin up drawings, and the result is beautiful. Some of the characters look like they were born to be pin up models, while other illustrations might change how you feel about them forever! Still, we guarantee these are great!

Check Out These Star Wars Hotties!


star wars pin up padme

Credit: Andrew Tarusov

Meesa loves her chair.


star wars pin up stormtrooper

Credit: Andrew Tarusov

Not going to lie, there is something very sexy about this.