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Star Wars Robot Chicken In Real Life

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When Fiction Meets Reality

star wars robot chicken in real life featured

Source: YouTube/ Adult Swim/ Darth Bisduk

Star Wars is one of the most parodied franchises in the world, constantly alluded to in countless forms of artwork, music, film, and other media.

Still, what happened in Singapore’s Changi Airport during the current buildup for The Force Awakens was much more meta than your run of the mill Star Wars reference. If you’re an Adult Swim fan, you’ll love this one.

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The Original Skit

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Do you watch Adult Swim? Then you’re probably familiar with Robot Chicken and this amazing sequence that follows the daily struggles of the Emperor.

Palpatine tries to grab an elevator in the Death Star, but when that doesn’t work out, he takes the escalator instead.

Naturally, he passes a lot of stormtroopers who salute him with “My Lord,” but as the soldiers keep passing, his patience is tried. Definitely check out this bit.

In Real Life

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Now that you’ve seen the Robot Chicken version, see what actually happened at Changi Airport in Singapore!

The airport is currently hosting a life-sized X-Wing in anticipation of the new Star Wars movie, attracting hundreds and thousands of fans to come see the amazing ship. One genius took advantage of the stormtroopers on the escalator to bring us this, and we love it.

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