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Starting Your Day With One of These Viral Videos Will Improve Your Mood

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Just what the doctor ordered…

Let’s face it: Things around the country and world have been pretty rough lately. Of course you could argue it’s always that way, or that the media focuses too much on the negative instead of the abundance of positive things around us, but from terrorism and war to civil unrest and the election, life may be feeling pretty gloomy right about now.

Naturally, the cure is positive thinking. We live in a world where most things are out of our control; luckily for us, so much of our own lives is based purely in choices and attitude. Choose to be happy. It’s harder for some of us than it is for others, but for the most part, it’s a choice we make every day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things out there to boost our moods and help us appreciate all the goodness and beauty that surrounds us at any given moment, even if we struggle to see it.

What makes a video go viral? First and foremost, raw human emotion that gives us a visceral reaction is what makes a video relate so well to so many people. Chances are you stumble upon these videos from time to time, whether they’re on the news, shared by a friend on Facebook, or if you come across it yourself while online. And which ones do you love the most?

Well for us, it’s the happy ones. And it turns out this is good news for everybody. Studies have shown that positive media, film, news, and TV have “pro-social” benefits, meaning they inspire us to want to do better things for each other.

So to start your day off right, check out these awesomely amazing, uplifting, feel-good viral videos.

funny happy viral videos buzz tom fletcher baby dandelions

Source: YouTube/ Tom Fletcher

You won’t be able to stop smiling.

The Turkey Whisperer

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Originally posted to YouTube in 2012, this video didn’t go viral until recently.

We’re not sure how this man learned to talk turkey, but he taught us all a trick that turkey farmers have known for years: If you gobble at turkeys, they gobble back!

Fun fact: Did you know that a group of turkeys are called a gang or a rafter?

All Quacked Up

duck army video rubber ducks

Source: YouTube/ kevin237

This next video is one of the funniest shorts to hit the internet in recent memory.

Over 300 minutes of video are posted to YouTube every minute, but most of those videos will only ever reach a few people or garner a couple views in their lifetime. That certainly wasn’t the case after YouTuber Kevin Synnes uploaded this nine-second video on August 30, 2015. Just two days later, it had nearly four million views.