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Starting Your Day With One of These Viral Videos Will Improve Your Mood

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Duck Army

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Quacks me up every time.

Smiling yet? Keep reading for more great videos to make you feel good!

Dildo Drone

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Though politicians often turn their own events into farce, nobody saw this one coming.

Right in the middle of a speech, a flying dildo drone interrupted the conference, much to the bewilderment of those present (and the amusement of those of us watching online)!

These next couple videos are still hilarious but might be for those with a more cynical sense of humor!

Unfortunately Glitch

woman struck by lightning

Source: YouTube/ lifja

The story behind this next one is actually amazing. It was a normal day for 39-year-old Lara Eustermann from Idaho when she was struck by lightning. Her heart stopped, but her mother was able to resuscitate her by the time paramedics arrived. Lara, however, was in a coma for several weeks.

When she awoke, Lara began physical therapy and intense rehabilitation, but her story is a happy one. Though she has no recollection of the event and lost all memories of the month prior to it, her story is a happy one.

Unfortunately for a Boise news station that wanted to share her tale, things didn’t go too well.