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Startup Creates Virtual Reality Experiences for Children With Cancer

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Virtual Dream is specifically designed for the “little warriors.”

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Source: YouTube/ Piotr Loj

Peter works with doctors, therapists, and psycho-oncologists to design videos that are considered safe, suitable, and fun for specific groups of children or individuals that are battling cancer. He visits oncology centers, hospitals, and hospices to meet and work with the children and create custom content as per their requests.

Virtual Dream allows these young cancer patients to escape from their current realities and explore the world, go skydiving, play professional soccer, or soar through the air– anything a child might wish to do.

Peter has bigger plans for Virtual Dream.

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In order to expand his Virtual Dream project, which Peter works on using his own funds and free time, he is starting to crowdfund for a trip to the World VR FORUM Festival in Switzerland where he hopes to meet with potential sponsors that could take his project to children across the globe.

Seeing what’s typically associated with games and leisure being used to better the lives of those who need it most is truly inspirational. Visit Peter’s crowdfunding page to help out, or instead help the children by SHARING this article and spreading the word!