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Stories From Wild Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties That Got the Wedding Canceled

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Getting Wild Before the Wedding

Be honest: When you think of a bachelor party, what do you think of?

Thanks to the dirty public imagination as well as movies like American Wedding, the Bachelor Party franchise, and, of course, The Hangover, chances are you associate a bachelor (or bachelorette) party with a VERY wild night or weekend.

Which is funny, because in reality, so many bachelor(ette) parties are actually relaxing getaways, whether camping, relaxing at the spa or by the beach, or going out for some good meals in the city. Sometimes, the only thing a soon-to-be bride or groom wants is a low-key night.

But that’s not what these people did.

Sometimes, the parties are as wild as they seem in the movies, and the consequences can be disastrous. People were asked to share stories of bachelor and bachelorette parties that got so out of hand the wedding had to be called off.

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What not to do before a wedding…


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Bachelor party in Vegas.. Bachelor hooks up with a girl, gives her his cell phone number so they can continue the party that night.. Bride to be is sitting at home with the iPad getting all of the iMessages from the girl. She canceled the wedding that day. (hfi)

The Rumble

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My cousin runs a popular upscale marriage venue and always tells the story way better than this so here is a rough overview. The groom’s mom was a heavy drinker and got belligerent when she drank so understandably the bride wanted the groom to try to limit her drinking. The afternoon before the wedding the bride arrives to see groom’s mom smashed with the groom himself giving her beers. Next thing my cousin knows (she was there to oversee preparations) the bride and groom are in a straight up fist fight which leads to an Anchorman-style street fight between members of both families in the parking lot.

Apparently they recently scheduled a new day for it. I can’t imagine the tension there. (zacktyzwyz)