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Stranger Pledges A Million Dollars to Put Kindergartners Through College

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What would you say if a stranger told you you’d never have to worry about tuition again?

For those of us dealing with pricy school tuition, or with the debts they so often leave behind, we’re aware that institutionalized education – while invaluable – does often come at a hefty price.

Luckily for twenty-six kindergarten students at the Rio Vista Elementary School in Anaheim, California, college tuition will never be a problem.

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And all they have to do in return is one small thing…

For kindergartners at Rio Vista Elementary in Anaheim, college may seem like a distant dream.

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Many of them speak only Spanish at home, and none of their family members are college graduates.

Yet their lives changed completely when Marty Burbank, a local lawyer and Navy veteran, made a decision after church one Sunday.

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Both Marty and his wife were the first in their families to go to college, so they know the value of higher education. Recently on the market for a boat, Marty was attending church when the pastor’s sermon about charity changed something deep within him.