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Stunning Photos Of the Human Race

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Some are inspiring, some are sad

The world is filled with amazing people and things. Every person in every culture has a different story. Some have the story of happiness and love, some have hope, and some have sorrow. But no matter what, the biggest thing they have is faith. The pictures you are about to see capture all of the above, showing that they all can coexist.

Yazidi girl with gun

Source: Zingolix/Imgur

In the picture above, a 14-year-old Yazidi girl carries an assault rifle in an attempt to protect her family from ISIS.

Here are 9 unbiased and unfiltered photos of the human race

Prince Charles receives a hongi

Prince Charles of Wales receiving a hongi from Maori woman

Credit: Hagen Hopkins / Stringer / Getty

Prince Charles is greeted with a hongi from a native Māori woman during his visit to New Zealand. A hongi is a traditional Māori greeting in New Zealand. It’s given by two people pressing their foreheads and noses against each other.

Albino baby in a peaceful slumber

Albino baby sleeping next to black baby

Source: Zingolix/Imgur

A 3-week-old newborn with albinism sleeps next to his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo.