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Stupid Sh*t You Believed As a Kid

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santa bringing presents

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Did you get upset at your parents when you found out Santa wasn’t real? I figure it out because one year “Santa” couldn’t find the wrapping paper and covered all the gifts in paper bags from our local supermarket and tied with twine.

Tooth fairy

tooth fairy drawing

Credit: milksilk/Shutterstock

Getting money for your lost baby teeth can be rewarding for a child. Because you get money! But why? No one is sure where the fairy aspect came from, but superstitions around babies teeth has been around for centuries. It is believed that vikings paid children for their teeth because it would bring good luck in battle. Fear of witches was another reason to bury or burn teeth: In medieval Europe, it was thought that if a witch were to get hold of one of your teeth, it could lead to them having total power over you, so many children’s teeth were buried in the ground.

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