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Superhero Powers That Would Be Impossible Even If They Were Possible

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Super Speed

superpowers flash

Source: Twitter @MTVNews

Marrup: “The light speed limit, air resistance and friction all kind of spoil it.”

Supermans_Boner: “Yeah, bursting into flames would be a downer, or running into an insect, or stopping.”

banter_claus_69: “And the fact that to run that fast you’d power through like a week’s worth of energy intake in a minute”

RememberCitadel: “Wouldn’t there be a point where he would be netting negative energy, because he had to eat so fast to replenish the energy he lost getting to the store? Not to mention the amount of shitting he would be doing.”

Walking Through Walls

superpowers shadowcat

Source: Twitter @coryriddler

-eDgAR-: “Being able to walk through walls. I mean gravity would make you go through floors too.”

AgentJin “I remember in X-Men: Evolution, that happened to Shadow Cat, when her powers first manifested. She was sleeping, and she woke up in her basement.”

Being Incorporeal in General

superpowers 2

Source: Twitter @Chimichamu

Aperture_T: “If you’re incorporeal, can you breathe? The atoms of the solid objects aren’t interacting with you. Why would the atoms in gasses?”