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10 Surprisingly Gay-Friendly US Cities

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We Love Our Nation’s Gay-Friendly Cities!

Sure, it makes sense that the big liberal cities like New York and San Francisco are havens for gay people, but I had no idea about these smaller cities!

The nationwide legalization of gay marriage, formation of anti-discrimination laws, and steady crumbling of homophobia have all contributed to making the U.S. more inclusive and a better place to live for everyone. All of this progress has led to a dramatic change in where gay people, couples, and communities choose to settle.

While we still might be struggling with pizza shops in Indiana refusing service to the LGBT community, bigoted politicians in Texas, or citizens like Kim Davis undermining the law and refusing marriage licenses to men and women in love, the nation as a whole has undergone massive adjustments when it comes to its perspective and understanding of equal rights. Some cities in our country have been more proactive than others in embracing the gay community, and these gay havens have reaped the benefits of diversity, the pink dollar, and (let’s be honest) some good taste.

Forget L.A. and the other run of the mill towns, there are a multitude of cities making progress and exhibiting surprisingly gay-friendly tendencies!

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1. Arlington, VA

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While Arlington will never be the gay mecca that is D.C., the neighboring city has its own special offerings for the LGBT community. Three LGBT elected officials AND a gay rodeo association? For these reasons and more, in 2014, the new gay favorite was rated number 10 on The Advocate‘s “Gayest Cities” in America.

2. Honolulu, HI

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Given the vistas and natural beauty of the archipelago, it’s no surprise that the island paradise would garner one of the biggest LGBT populations in the country. Statewide, Hawaii has one of the largest gay populations in the country, with 5.1 percent identifying as LGBT (the national average is about 3.5 percent). Honolulu also measured 4th in the nation for the fewest Anti-LGBT groups in their city. The city has also reported least number of hate crimes related to LGBT issues in the U.S. Maybe everyone’s just more relaxed out there?