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Surviving the End of the World

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It.

When it comes to the end of the world, the human imagination is boundless.

For centuries, civilization has predicted its own demise, and between cultural or religious beliefs and endless works of fiction, we seem to have every possible doomsday scenario down pat.

How will it all happen? Will it be manmade, or caused by artificial intelligence? Will zombies or aliens attack, like in so many movies? Or will it happen naturally, by supervolcanoes or uncontrollable climate change? No one knows for sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be ready for it.

But when the world does end, or if there is some cataclysmic event in your lifetime, would you know how to deal with it? Follow these handy survival guides to build your plan of attack and learn how to prepare, survive, and thrive when it comes time!

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Are you prepared for the end of the world?

AI Revolution

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Out of all the doomsday scenarios listed here, the one cause by uncontrollable artificial intelligence is one of the most likely, so you’d better be ready for it.

Prepare by learning to live off the grid and how to survive in the great outdoors, learning practical life skills such as the pioneers may have known.

When the time comes, move away from all cities and head towards a hideout in the country. Travel with people you trust that you could live and thrive with long-term. Preferably, these people all have unique talents that will help you start from scratch if need be.

Humans may never conquer AI, but at least you could learn to survive where the vengeful technology can’t find you, even with their limitless resources.


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Humanity has seen its fair share of war, and today’s many barbarous outbursts don’t seem to be coming to a peaceful end anytime soon.

Prepare for the war to end all wars by moving away from popular cities or potential targets, and consider building a fallout shelter. Follow the news carefully to stay up to date on the political frontier: war will come with plenty of warning.

Once it happens, seek shelter with your family and trusted loved ones, preferably in your well-stocked shelter. Make sure you have a radio to stay updated with the fate of the outside world. Try and maintain as much normalcy as possible while hunkering down, such as with games, books, and other activities from your life before the war.

One of the most important tools you should have is a device to test radiation levels in the case of nuclear war. After sufficient waiting, and if news from the outside world allows, try venturing out to understand the state of your new world and the life you and other survivors will have to adapt to.