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Surviving the End of the World

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Zombie Uprising

disaster 3

Source: Imgur/ JoytotheUniverse

Perhaps not as likely as the last two, but nonetheless a crowd favorite.

Prepare by learning how to defend yourself, both in hand-to-hand combat and with weapons. Learn the signs of a zombie outbreak, and keep a storage of basic necessities like clothes, food, water, tools, and a first aid kit.

When the zombie uprising begins, you’re going to want to get away from the cities, where most people will fall ill or turn into zombies themselves. Learn about the zombies to see what you’re dealing with: are they fast? intelligent? capable of climbing? Choose a safe haven accordingly. Be prepared to have to scavenge and grow your own food.

As you slowly begin to build a new society of survivors, make sure everyone is trustworthy and can contribute to the general good. Figure out plans for food and supplies as well as safety, and then get ready to wait until the zombies rot away.


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Source: Imgur/ JoytotheUniverse

It’s happened before, and in spite of our medical advancements, it could happen again. Ahead of time, make sure that you’re living a clean and healthy life; you will need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit in order to survive the next plague.

After the pandemic, you’ll want to keep as far away from crowded cities as possible. Keep your survivor groups small and healthy. Be sure you can maintain internet and cellular connections in order to communicate with the rest of the world, even those who are infected. Always be cautious, being sure to wear face masks, take medicine, and stay up to date on any and all news.

Your biggest threat to survival is falling ill, so take all medical precautions. Monitor the status of the outbreak in order to see if the government or other survivors develop a cure. If society collapses, fortify your shelter and be sure to have a storage or source of clean water and food.

Economic Meltdown

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Economics is only a theory to begin with, so what will happen when all the fake money countries owe each other catches up with us?

First off, extend your talents and capabilities. Work on developing a skill set that could be useful in any culture, especially rudimentary skills that will be handy regardless of the state of society. Have plenty of personal and professional connections; remember, it’s all about who you know. Don’t worry about pulling out of the financial system, there’s no point in suffering now when you can’t predict the timing of the meltdown.

Armed with a stockpile of food, water, and general supplies, be prepared to experience a societal shift away from money that will instead rely on bartering, theft, or intrinsic worth. Try to continue some form of normalcy with a trustworthy group of friends and family, knowing that supplies could very well dwindle or run out.

Teach yourselves to become self-sustaining, much like our ancestors might have been. You can no longer afford to be wasteful, so learn how to make use of all your resources. Learn what resources will become most valuable in the new global society, and use it to thrive!