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Susan Sarandon Floods Her Twitter Account With Melons Over #CleavageGate

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Susan Sarandon Will Not Be Shamed

Choosing an outfit for the red carpet for celebs must be difficult for female celebs. Who to wear? How to wear it? How much skin to show? What’s appropriate VS what’s going to make headlines? Susan’s Sarandon’s rack has been the subject of much controversy lately after the Hollywood favorite’s plunging neckline became one of the much discussed subjects of the recent Screen Actors Guild awards.

Resplendent on the red carpet, Sarandon stood out in a white Max Mara jacket wearing nothing but a stylish black bra underneath. But when she went onstage to introduce the in memoriam segment of the awards, some were put off by the booby-centric + death combination of the presentation, particularly British journalist Piers Morgan who attacked Sarandon’s bazoongas, calling her “horribly inappropriate” and “tacky”, and questioning whether or not she would a attend a funeral in that same outfit.

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Thus began a feud over Sarandon’s cleavage, but her response to the social media smattering couldn’t have been more perfect…

Susan Sarandon looked so great, even Kate Winslet had to get a piece.

The red carpet is where celebs go to strut their feathers. And Sarandon, who is looking stunning as she nears her 70s, has never been uncomfortable showing off her feathers – and maybe ruffling a few too. Even Kate Winslet was caught grabbing onto Sarandon’s chest in a photo snapped on the red carpet. “I can tell you, I’m feeling Susan Sarandon’s t*ts,” Kate Winslet told Jimmy Kimmel later. “I didn’t ask (her) permission. I know, I’m shameless.” We don’t blame you Kate.

But some found the outfit distracting during the in memoriam segment Sarandon presented.

Sarandon’s choice of attired didn’t sit well with British newsman Piers Morgan, who criticized the racy outfit which Sarandon wore while presenting the in memoriam segment of the show, which honors industry figures who have passed away. Morgan decided to strike up a Twitter feud by posting a picture of the outfit and writing: “Would Susan Sarandon wear this to a funeral? No. It was thus horribly inappropriate for an In Memoriam tribute.”