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Tattoo Artist Gives People Free Tattoos to Cover Old Scars

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“Please note that given the overwhelming amount of beautiful people out there, I have decided to dedicate more of my time to offering highly discounted rates to anyone who is seeking to move forward from their past and embark on a new beginning.”

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Source: Facebook @Whitney Develle

She continued, “I want you to be able to look down at the scars that bring you pain, embarrassment, shame, and be able to put those feelings behind you and instead feel proud of the body part that now contains art and offers a new beginning. If you are interested in this please email with an attached photo with the subject line of DISCOUNTED SCARS, from there I will provide you with all the information necessary. Thank you again for coming forward, I await creating something for you to admire.”

She reminded potential clients, however, that the discount is not available to people who are still self-harming. She asked, “Please have the courage to talk to a friend or family member about seeking professional help,” and provided links to support organizations.

I am so glad that Mental Illness is being brought in to the light and that people are reaching out for help. I have…

Posted by Whitney Develle on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Following her magnanimous offer and the interest it’s sparked across the globe, Whitney wrote, “I am so glad that Mental Illness is being brought in to the light and that people are reaching out for help. I have already been contacted by other tattooists in other states willing to offer similar services. The enquiries I have received have been emotionally overwhelming though being able to personally get in touch with you all has brought so much warmth to my heart. This is going to be an incredible, life changing year.”

It’s so amazing to see how one young, dedicated person can make such an impact, especially by using their talent, time, and profession to help people move on from a dark past towards a brighter future. What can you do with your passions to help the world?

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