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Teachers Of Reddit Detail Some Of The Most Creative Examples Of Cheating

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Cheating in the classroom is a sin, but the techniques behind cheating are genius.

Almost anyone who has taken a school exam has probably felt the temptation to cheat after struggling with what seems like endless hours of studying. Most of us would love to just have the answers accessible to us, so we can spare ourselves from the grueling work we put in to try and just pass. It’s not so easy to get away with, however, since it’s against the rules and regulations of our educational systems.

Teachers of Reddit came together in a forum, with some former students, who revealed some of the creative techniques people used to cheat on tests in the classroom. Some of these answers are certainly mind-blowing.

Credit: JUNG YEON-JE/Getty Images

Credit: Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images

Check out these insanely creative cheating techniques…

The Clothing Item

Source: Twitter @shahrukh_haneef

Source: Twitter @shahrukh_haneef

“A kid in my Calc class worked at a T-shirt print shop and designed a shirt that had a bunch of random words and shit all over it. It was just a white shirt with black words and numbers kind of aimlessly placed all over the shirt. At first glance, it just looks like a regular t-shirt. He snuck in a bunch of formulas upside down on the front of the shirt that unless you closely examined the shirt, you’d never know. He knew exactly where they were, and when he needed to recall one, he’d just glance around and find the one he’s looking for.”_DrFeltersnatch

The Key Distractions

Source: Twitter @shahrukh_haneef

Source: Twitter @shahrukh_haneef

“Exam at University. Students at front of the room, 3 or 4 throw their hands in the air at the same time. Proctors decent upon them. When they engage ALL the students behind them swap exam papers. Cycle repeats several times. Sometimes back row, sometimes front row. Synchronized paper switching. It was unreal. Caught them when a kid overloaded with guilt. We setup a hidden webcam. Watching the video was incredible.”billbapapa