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Teachers of Reddit Tell The Worst Excuses For Not Turning In Homework

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I was a good student, but sometimes I would forget I had an assignment for homework. I didn’t have an excuse and I wasn’t clever or talked back to teachers. Kids these days seem to have a great sense of humor and creative minds. Teachers of Reddit shared their experiences of awful (best) excuses from kids who didn’t do their homework.

mike mols

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More creative than “my dog ate it”.

My goat ate it!

goat eating

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“I taught at really rural school, but this was too much. I had a student who said that his goat ate his notebook and his homework. Seemed like a reasonable thing to happen, as goats will eat anything.
His mom was a teacher at the middle school, who came over all the time. I talked to her and she just busted out laughing saying they didn’t have a goat and that was the best excuse he has ever come up with.”

But, maaaaaaahm!

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“My mom forgot to tell me it was due.”