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Teachers of Reddit Tell The Worst Excuses For Not Turning In Homework

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Vroom vroom

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“I used to teach in a school for the super rich. Many kids came to school in $100,000+ cars or SUVs. Also, it was in SE Asia.A few years ago we were having a huge problem with a kid showing up late for school. Not really late, but five or six minutes late- late enough that he was getting detentions every day, which turned into suspensions and the like. So one day I confront him when everyone else leaves and he acts like he’s deciding to come clean.
‘Mr Trekkie’ he says, ‘it’s really my dad’s fault. I’m always late because he won’t let us take the Ferrari anymore to school. Our new Range Rover is so much slower and that’s why I’m always late.’Then I ask him how his Ferrari was transporting him, his sister and neighbor. And who was driving. He told me his driver was driving. Then I asked him how four people could fit in a Ferrari, because the Ferrari he said he owned was a two seater.
He stared down at the ground and said ‘I just don’t get up on time.'”

Substitute coach

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“She couldn’t do her homework because she was at her brother’s football practice. While waiting, it became apparent that the coach was a no-show. WHAT TO DO?? She graciously stepped in and coached the team leaving no available time to complete her seven times table worksheet.”

There’s nothing wrong with this one

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“My cat wanted to cuddle. I teach at an apprenticeship for electricians. Our minimum entry age is 18.”