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Teachers of Reddit Tell The Worst Excuses For Not Turning In Homework

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“I don’t know if this is the worst or best…My students had a few week long project at the end of which they had to give a presentation. One of my students didn’t show up for class and missed giving his presentation. He attended the following class and at the end of class came up to me to talk and gave the following explanation while red faced and staring at the ground. He and his girlfriend were getting ready for class at his apartment and they were feeling a little frisky while showering. They proceeded to do the deed in the bathroom and while they were going at it against the bathroom door, the door handle broke off. They couldn’t get out of the bathroom and he eventually had to wrap a towel around himself and climb out of the second story window, get down to the ground, go back into his building, enter his apartment, and break down the bathroom door from the outside. He apologized profusely and was quite embarrassed. I never had to try so hard not to laugh in my life.I let him give his presentation the following class.”


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“Kid in my grade eight class said he did it, but though it was wrong so he erased it.”

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“I had a basketball game after school, and when I got home my parents made me cut the grass until midnight. Then, my sister got sick and we had to take her to the ER.”