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Tech Entrepreneur Writes Scathing Letter About San Francisco Homeless Population, Internet Fights Back

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But the people of the internet are having NONE of it with Justin

Oh yeah… did we forget to mention that this man, who claims to have so much ownership and entitlement to the good life in San Francisco, has ONLY LIVED THERE FOR THREE YEARS!? Yeah. We could hardly believe it either. But that’s not the best of it… Keep Reading to see Twitter users SCHOOL Justin at his own logic game. No free market BS here!

Ahem, Justin. Members of the POLICE FORCE can’t even afford to live in the city. It’s an expensive place!

Preach, sister.

This chica wasn’t afraid to tell it like it really is

You want to know the most ironic part? Apparently, this blog post was made just a week after the news that a college friend of Mayor Lee’s is one of the very homeless “abominations” living in the streets that Justin Keller is writing about.