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13-Year-Old Tries to Buy Cigarettes, Porn, and a Gun. Bet You Can’t Guess Which One He Got

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Johnny Get Your Gun

Gun control is a major issue in our country right now.

The right to bear arms, protected by the Second Amendment in our nation’s Constitution, was made following a period of revolution, westward expansion, and ongoing skirmishes with Native American, French, and Spanish communities back in 1791, when our country’s population was still not quite four million people (roughly the population of Los Angeles in 2015).

Now, 225 years later and with a population over of over 300 million, Americans are still defending their gun ownership not as a hobby, not as a way of life, but as a basic right. Today, there are an estimated 112.6 guns for every 100 citizens in the United States.

With an average of at least one mass shooting (4 people or more) occurring every day in the United States, little to nothing is being done about gun control aside from pure discussion in the political sphere, and plenty of petty debate on social media.

The real argument, however, isn’t about guns at large, or even the gun-loving family that adorns a newborn baby with pistols or uses their house as a museum for murderous weapons. The real argument is about guns that are acquired illegally, whether sold without a permit or bought by somebody who should not be handling guns in the first place. For example, this underage kid.

teenager gun real sports with bryant gumbel

Source: YouTube/ HBOBoxing

This video proves just how easy buying a gun can be.

Meet Jack

teenager gun bryant gumbel jack smile

Source: YouTube/ HBOBoxing

Jack is your average 13-year-old boy. He just got rid of his braces, but he still looks very young. Also an actor, Jack was hired by Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel to see how lax gun laws are in the state of Virginia. And while this episode aired a while back, it’s especially relevant following the renewed discussion of gun control after the tragic and historic shooting in the Orlando gay club Pulse.

What’s More Dangerous?

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In the video, watch as Jack tries to buy items illegal for minors, such as beer, pornography, and lottery tickets. Each time he tries to buy these items, the cashiers barely even ask for ID since Jack’s young age is so apparent. And each time, they laugh at him and his adorable failed attempts to purchase forbidden goods.

Then, Jack goes to a gun show, and within minutes, he purchases a gun from a private seller. While citizens below the age of 18 aren’t legally allowed to own guns in Virginia, private sales do no require background checks, creating a dangerous loophole in the law.

So while lottery tickets are considered too dangerous for children, Jack has just bought a deadly weapon without anyone batting an eye.