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Tess Holiday Calls out Facebook for Body Shaming

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Facebook Bans Big Bodies

Facebook is a powerful medium to convey your thoughts, run your business, and build your empire. So when those things are attacked, you can really feel the sting. Media mogul Tess Holliday was punished simply for existing, and presumably not looking like a supermodel, even though she is a model of sorts. And when she informed the rest of the world about the treatment she received, social media king Facebook brushed it off as a simple mistake on their part. They never said how the mistake occurred. But Tess is not believing it; she feels that there is a concerted effort by social media companies, especially Facebook to shut out anyone they deem to be not pretty or fit, and she’s got an army of support behind her.

tess holliday

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Have you noticed any foul play against bigger bodies?

Tess Has Haters

tess holliday

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Most women who have a profile on a social media outlet or dating website have been subject to harassing messages from men who either hate them, want them sexually, or both. There are far too many people out there who feel that since they can get away with saying anything online, they should say the worst stuff. It’s a new frontier of disgusting behavior that only exists because the harasser can remain anonymous or escape criticism from people they know.

Tess knows all about this; she’s a plus-sized model with businesses to run, and she has robust social media profiles to bring her brand to the forefront. She’s got a lot of haters who mostly fat-shame her to a vulgar degree. She mostly blows them off, but this one guy just wouldn’t stop sending her horrid messages. She sent one message back, and Facebook blocked her for harassing him, a twisted turn in fate.

Obscene Harassment

tess holliday

Source: Facebook @Tess Holliday

As he hurls numerous insults at her for being overweight, saying even that she makes people anorexic because people don’t want to be like her, she responds with one message asking him to tell her more. She then posted this vile exchange on her page which was enough to cross Facebook who subsequently suspended her account. She said about the strange instance, “Someone was clearly bullying me and harassing me and saying really disgusting things, but Facebook blocked my profile. I had no access to my personal page, but I also couldn’t even post to my professional page. All because someone was bullying me?”