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Test Your Brain With These Two Exercises

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How Strong Is Your Brain?

The human brain is perhaps the most fascinating organ, simultaneously the seat of all consciousness as well as something we still don’t understand.

Nothing would be possible without our brains, including all of the fun quizzes, puzzles, and tests that many people love to take to test their mental strength and capacities. Psychologists alone have developed a number of exercises that teach us about our own brains while making them stronger.

Though many of these tests seem like games, they’re actually extremely useful in psychological and medicinal studies as they help us understand how the human brain works in various ways. Feel like trying them out?

how strong is your mind bear or fair test


Take them for yourself!

Try This Out

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Follow the instructions in the video and try out this first test. Can you keep up when the speed goes faster?

How It Works

how strong is your mind color test


This test is an example of the Stroop effect, a psychological phenomenon of how confusing input can slow down our reaction time.

Named for John Ridley Stroop, who published a study on the effect in 1935, the effect typically is tested through different kinds of stimuli: color names written in black, color names written in color, and plain colors. Subjects are asked to name the color of the word they see, although it may not match with the color the word is written in.

Stroop found that participants had a hard timing naming the correct color when the ink did not match the written name, as you may have experienced in the test for yourself. Today, the Stroop effect helps psychologists understand how the brain multitasks and processes various information both automatically and selectively.