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Test Your Brain With These Two Exercises

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The McGurk Effect

how strong is your mind lip reading


I especially love this test, which goes to show how our eyes and ears can’t always be trusted. The McGurk effect is an awesome example of a deceiving perceptual phenomenon that occurs when sound is mixed and matched with different visual components. The result is that our brain becomes a little confused at what to perceive, leading many of us to rely on the visual, even if it’s misleading.

Test it for yourself in the videos below! This makes my head hurt…

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Some people aren’t as susceptible to the McGurk effect as others. For example, if you’re used to watching dubbed movies or shows, your brain has been trained to trust sound over vision, so you will focus on the true sound instead of mere lip reading.

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The effect was first described by Harry McGurk in 1976 in a paper called “Hearing Lips and Seeing Voices.” The same effect can be proven with a signal phoneme instead of a full word.

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