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Text Messages That Prove You Can’t Sext Funny People

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Stop laughing, I’m trying to be sexy!

When you are apart from your significant other but still want to get down and dirty with them, sexting is a great thing to resort to. However, sexting is not for everyone. Some of the more gifted and talented people in this world can express their feelings in steamy messages that will get you hot and bothered…others, like us, just can’t take it seriously. Technology can also get in the way. Autocorrect might autofail what you’re trying to write or you might simply text the wrong person. While it can be a real mood killer, the result can end up in a hilarious mess. Here are our favorite sexts that ended up more laughable than lustful.

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Have you ever gotten a sext like these?

Dirty Dishes

Funny Sext - Need Inspiration

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If that turns you on, I have a whole sink you should see…

Tell Me Something Hot

Funny Sext - Global Warming

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“That’s hot” – Paris Hilton