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Text Messages That Will Make You Undateable

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There are some things you just don’t say!

In the age of dating apps and having an entire pool of singles at our fingertips, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right should be a seemingly simple task. Unfortunately, mankind has taken the convenience of online dating and turned it into something else entirely; a cesspool of freaks hiding behind a keyboard and saying weird (A.K.A. creepy) things dateable human beings would never utter in real life! For those of you single fishes stuck in a cyber-sea full of crazies, we feel your pain on a deep level; so deep that we’ve compiled some of the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) text message fails that will make you want to swipe left as fast as you possibly can!

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Source: Tumblr

Have you ever sent one of these?

The guy who doesn’t own a chair.

Gross message from guy on OkCupid

Source: Instagram/@notok.cupid

He probably thought he was being a gentleman by offering up a seat, but he would need to wash his mouth out before we’d even consider it!

Are you on something?

Random encounter on Grindr

Source: Anonymous

Did he think he was talking to someone specific? Does he start all of his conversations this way? Regardless of the answer, we’re sure his technique doesn’t get him very far.