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The 12 Funniest Reviews on Amazon

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BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen

bic for her pens


I don’t use it for vulgar endeavors like math or filling out a voter application, but BIC Cristal for Her is a lovely little writing utensil all the same. Ask your husband for some extra pocket money so you can buy one today! (E. Bradley)

This product is fantastic for those days when my prose is suffering from that not-so-fresh feeling. (K. Gray)


Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

woman using desk on steering wheel


It’s OK I guess, but the bumpy road makes it hard to type. And there’s a lot of pedestrians and traffic that keep distracting me from my computer. (John Meinken)

I love emailing the Highway patrol while I drive to let them know the tag numbers of cell phone using drivers. (Min Byong Chang)

I’m using it right now to post this review and I never. (Michael McCollough)

Avery Durable View Binder

white binder


As a wife and mother, I LOVE this binder. It keeps me in my place, allows me to get dinner ready on time, AND only costs 72% of the more masculine version. (LeeBo)

Let me just point out one glaring omission: While this is a lovely, multi-purpose binder, IT DOES NOT COME WITH WOMEN. Presumably one is expected to find women on one’s own. (PenName220)

My women… keep sticking out over the edges, even getting away in some cases. I thought using clear, glass-ceiling page protectors would help, but it doesn’t seem to slow them down anymore. (Sabriel)