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The 6 Weirdest Things for Sale in 2015

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You Spent Your Money on WHAT?

We love making money, but we also love to spend it. It’s a blessing and a curse of our modern society. Sure, we might get criticized for being overly materialistic and throwing away money on pointless things, but once in a while, you really do have your eye on something and need to buy it.

These are not those worthy items.

In fact, it’s unbelievable that people spent their money on this stuff. But they did. And the geniuses/jerks behind them probably made bank. Just goes to show how far a clever idea and a gullible customer will take you these days…

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Source: Twitter @sendajart

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6. Air

canadian vitality air for sale

Source: Twitter @ozzy_mora

You may have heard about China’s air contamination problem. Since the country industrialized exponentially at the end of the 20th century, a virtually omnipresent shroud of toxic smog has covered some of its biggest cities, affecting the health of millions and even causing acid rain in Seoul and Tokyo.

In December 2015, Beijing had its first-ever red alert for air pollution, which led to the obligatory closure of schools and some businesses. What could possibly help alleviate this situation?

Some Canadian entrepreneurs decided to take advantage of this environmental epidemic by selling canisters of fresh, Canadian air to desperate Chinese citizens. Starting at 19 Canadian dollars, people can order cans of air for healthier breathing, because air can and should be totally privatized, bought, and sold.


5. Fish (Accidentally)

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Millions of people around the world depend on eBay for daily buys and sales, and it’s often one of the best places to find certain items you can’t track down anywhere else, especially when they’re used or vintage.

Only problem is, what happens when eBay delivers the wrong item? Well that’s what happened to this British woman a little while back. Instead of getting the furniture she had ordered, she was clearly surprised to find 40 bags of fish delivered to her home.

So the question is: who was selling 40 bags of fish via the internet?