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The 6 Weirdest Things for Sale in 2015

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4. Fart in a Jar

fart in a jar for sale

Source: Twitter @sendajart

What would you wish on your worst enemies? Why not spend $10 on a jart, that is, a fart in a jar. Select the odor of your choice (including 8 hour trucker and World of Warcrafter) and send it straight to someone’s home. This gag gift (and its stench) has been a real knockout in 2015.

3. Feces

cards against humanity bullshit for sale

Source: Twitter @killer_kitsch

Okay, so this is a bit of a throwback, but who could forget that time that Cards Against Humanity, the hilariously crude card game, actually sold bullsh*t to those who were willing to pay $6 for it — and 30,000 people did just that. Reports even found markup prices on eBay for as much as $36, or 600%.

It might be one of the weirdest marketing stunts ever pulled, but the good news is that profits went to Heifer International, a company that sends livestock to villages and towns in developing country.

2. Asparagus Water

asparagus water for sale

Source: Twitter @dhirun4

Every generation has their iconic health crazes, but it feels like today, there’s a new must-use product or miracle diet that sweeps hip and health-conscious people every month or so. A little while back, Whole Foods started stocking asparagus water on their shelves, cramming three shortened stalks of asparagus into a water bottle and selling it for $5.99.

At the time, the average price for a bundle of asparagus from Whole Foods was around $5, which means the whole concept of asparagus water was a huge ripoff. After corporate was informed and took a whole lot of negative criticism for the item, which apparently only one store sold, it was taken off shelves.

Would you have bought it?