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The 7 Hardest Things About Being A Woman That Men Should Really Know

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Periods shmeriods

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Having to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding. You guys are seriously so lucky not to have to deal with this sh*t. (beachlover77)

The work/life balance as a mom stereotype

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The expectation that I, as a mother, have a greater parental responsibility.

Allow me to give a few examples. First, if being a parent comes up in any work-environment, my ability to “balance” work and home is a topic of conversation. ALWAYS. I have witnessed the promotion of men over more qualified women of child-baring age because of concerns about work/life balance. I wish I could say this was once or twice, but I have dozens and dozens of examples to pick from. I have been flat out asked about my reproductive plans during interviews. My husband has never had conversations that resemble this at all. Second,if I am ever somewhere without my child, I am asked where my kid is. She’s at home- with her father! When there is a school issue, I’m always called first. I was actually called during work hours because I didn’t attend a school event in “honor” of mothers day. My husband did not receive a call when he couldn’t make it to the fathers day event at the same school. (papillon24)

Beauty over brains

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I think for me, the hardest part is the intense pressure to be sexually attractive, and almost always having the way I look weigh more heavily than my intellect or character regarding others’ opinion of my worth.

I have noticed that my weight and level of physical attractiveness matter far more to others than any other aspect of who I am. How “f**kable” I am generally determines how worthy people feel I am of being treated with kindness and respect; as a reasonably bright and ambitious woman, I feel profoundly degraded and insulted by that. This is not only true in almost every romantic situation, but also in the workforce, platonic friendships, and the public sphere. (sodabrothel)