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The Best (and Worst) Baby Announcements Ever

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There comes a time in many young couples’ lives where they decide they’re ready to have kids. But how can your friends be sure whether their reaction should be “Oh sh*t” or “Congratulations?” Many couples choose to let the world know that they’re expecting loud and proud with a themed photoshoot, and just like a snowflake, no two pregnancy announcement photos are alike. Unless you’re basic. Then your photos are probably like everybody else’s. But in this gallery, you’ll find baby announcement pics that range from adorable to terrifying, and everything in between.

morning sickness baby announcement

Source: Instagram @thebabynator77

Click below for some inspiration (and caution) for your next baby announcement photo!

First, there’s this couple, that may or may not be think their baby is going to be spaghetti.

Prego Baby announcement

Source: Instagram @roberthayward


Apparently this is actually a pretty common trend.

prego baby announcement

Source: Instagram @hernaz722

Doesn’t the big brother look pumped?