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The Best ‘Grease’ Fan Theories That Finally Explain That Flying Car at the End

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We’ve got chills, and they’ve been multiplying ever since we started reading into the dark world of Grease fan theories that absolutely change the way we think of this 1978 classic.

How many times have you seen Grease? (If your answer is “zero,” please go watch it right now and make your life infinitely better). Maybe your answer is “a few,” or, like me, “hundreds.”

Whether you love it or hate it, chances are there’s a scene in Grease you just can’t wrap your ahead around, or that turns the otherwise kinda-sorta-probable movie into a fantasy at best, or alternatively, a complete farce.

You know the one I’m talking about unless you turned off the movie before the end of “We Go Together.” The flying car scene, in which Danny and Sandy take off to the skies in the new-and-improved Greased Lightening, and nobody except Sandy seems at all surprised by it.

In fact, this very scene has sparked a plethora of fans theories explaining why it was included in the movie, and let’s just say they get pretty dark pretty quickly. One specific theory is going viral this week, so we dug around to find a few more for your reading pleasure.

grease flying car final scene

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The Theory

grease fan theory flying car

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Originalyl posted on Reddit by atomicbolt, the theory goes as follows:

“At the end of Grease, Sandy and Danny get into a red convertible and drive away from the fair. The car promptly defies the laws of gravity and flies into the sky.”

“She nearly drowned…”

grease fan theory she nearly drowned

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“How did the car fly? At the start of the film, we see Danny and Sandy meeting on the beach. Later, Danny explains through song that they first met when Danny ‘saved her life — she nearly drowned.'”