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The Best No-Office Jobs to Start Today

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When you can’t stand the thought of sitting at a desk.

There are plenty of jobs out there for people who prefer to remain physically active and don’t want to sit on their behinds all day long at a desk. If you’re good with your hands, want to get into the medical field, or want to learn a trade, you can stay on your feet and start making great money today! It all begins with a stellar resume.

Some fields of non-desk work require degrees and certifications while others are easier to get into initially. Going back to school or entering into a training program for your chosen field can be a great way to begin a new career that suits you better than office work. Shake off the corporate chains and get started on doing what you love!

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See what jobs will free you from the office!

Physical Therapist

Physical therapist with clients

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Physical therapists are just constantly on the move, they’re helping others to move. Physical therapy is a growing field due to the aging baby boomer population. Plus the salary potential is great. You do need to earn a degree in physical therapy which many tech schools offer. You can also choose to work in a clinic or from the patients’ homes.


electrician on the job

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As the world becomes more tech savvy, the need for electricians is growing. One should get an apprenticeship through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Electrical Contractors Association, or Independent Electrical Contractors in order to learn the trade and start working.