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The Best No-Office Jobs to Start Today

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If you love animals, a career working with them and making them all better could be perfect for you. Becoming a veterinarian requires a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine as well as a license to practice, but becoming a vet assistant requires just a B.A. and on-the-job training and eventually licensing which you can get through many tech schools.

Police Officer

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Source: Facebook @Houston Police Department

No day is the same when you’re on the front lines of crime. Your days can be exhilarating and dangerous, so it’s a great job for a thrillseeker who wants to help out his community. Those wanting to become police officers need to pass a law enforcement entrance exam before graduating from the police academy. You can also advance to other positions.

Building Inspector

building inspectors

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This can be a lucrative career that involves going to different buildings and homes everyday and conducting formal inspections. It’s best to get some training by a professional before trying to obtain and licenses or certifications that your state requires. Be sure to keep your licenses current as needed.