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The Best Reactions to the Demand for a #HeterosexualPrideDay

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When every day is Pride Day.

LGBT Pride Month hasn’t even come to a close, and, yet, the world’s gender majority is already trying to take it away from the people who so joyously and solemnly celebrated it.

Marked by tragedy at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub and the victorious aftereffects such as the inception of Gays Against Guns, this has been a Pride Month to remember. Sadly, a new trending topic on Twitter wants people to forget how far the gay community has come, simultaneously showing us how far there is left to go.

What started perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek movement has led to both a humorous and upsetting display of ideology and logic on both sides of the argument that is now ensuing on social media, where June 29th is being hailed as Heterosexual Pride Day. But do straight people need their own holiday?

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These are the best reactions we’ve seen.

In the Beginning

heterosexual pride day beginning

Source: Twitter @_JackNForTweets

Here’s the guy who’s credited with starting the hashtag a few weeks ago. What may have been taken for sarcasm initially clearly has transformed into anger and misplaced victimization.

After all, it’s a tricky subject. Everybody on this planet should be proud of who they are, but the concept of pride–an acceptance of oneself, not to be mistaken with the deadly sin that so many consider it to be–comes from a place of needing to remind others that even the most persecuted of minorities have dignity. Yes, majorities should be proud of their identity, but in a world made to suit their every need and push them to the top, having parades and holidays to celebrate their social superiority seems a little, well, pointless.

Nothing to Be Proud Of

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Social commentator Sam White perfectly captures how privilege often involves victimizing oneself and that gay pride only comes from a place of having to defend their inherent dignity.