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The Best, Steamiest, Getting It On at Work Stories

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You did what where?!?!

People brag about a lot of things: how cool their job is, thrilling adventure stories, how much money they have… If you can think it, you can boast about it. One of the more common braggadocious subjects is crazy sex stories. When the subject comes up, there will always be one person trying to out do another’s tale of how they got it on.

User djdjdj3 of Reddit asked the community to tell their best “sex at work” stories, and here are the most outrageous ones!Turns out, IT workers get it on… a lot.

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We wonder if any of our coworkers have secretly gotten it on…

Airline Pilot

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On the longer flights we have 3 pilots and take a break in a (locked!) crew bunk behind the flight deck.

On a 12 hour flight you’ll get around 3hrs 30min break. Most of the time you’ll use it to sleep. However, if you happen to have your girlfriend on board…..

I’d just had a 3 night trip to South Africa and I’d taken my girlfriend and we’d spent an amazing few days on safari. The flight back was a night flight and I’d made sure that she was in the very front of aircraft nearest to the flight deck. When my break came I got her attention and she casually got up and walked into the crew bunk without anybody noticing.

Getting paid to have intense sex 32000ft above the coast of Angola remains a particular career highlight to this day…. (Boeing)

Stuffed Crust

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Delivering pizza after high school my girlfriend at the time would order pizza and have me show up and bang her. The best.

Edit: for the sake of hilarious comments I will add she eventually cheated on me with a guy who worked at KFC (kingsbreath)