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The Biggest Broadway Flops of All Time

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13. Anyone Can Whistle (1964)

broadway flops anyone can whistle


Another cult musical that’s held in high regard today, Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim’s Anyone Can Whistle starred Angela Lansbury, Lee Remic, and Harry Guardino but only lasted for 12 previews and 9 performances. Shocking, no?

12. High Fidelity (2006)

broadway flops high fidelity


This show about a man exploring his past relationships lasted for only 19 previews and 13 performances before closing in 2006.

11. Via Galactica (1972)

broadway flops via galactica


This trippy and futuristic tale was the first show ever to play at the Gerswhin (then called the Uris). It starred Irene Cara (Fame) as the narrator, but it only ran for 15 previews and 7 performances before closing.