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The Cast Of Baywatch: Then And Now

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Ever Wonder What Happened To Those Bronzed Beauties from Baywatch?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the last episode of Baywatch aired, but the show lives on as maybe one of the most iconic pieces of culture to come out of 1990’s US television. The beautiful faces. The drama. The suspense. The romance. The TANS!
Since we last caught up with your favorite stars from Baywatch, a LOT has changed. Some stars have gone on to become household names and used the show to springboard them into success. For some others, life has taken them down quite a different path.

We know why you really watched Baywatch every week: to see a little bit of this.


Everyone has their favorite Baywatch character, and in this gallery we left no stone unturned! Read on to find out what they’re up to!

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson baywatch

Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images (L), Wikimedia Commons (R)

Jeremy Jackson was destined to wow the audiences of Baywatch after rumor leaked that Jackson beat out Leonardo DiCaprio for the role when they had to recast the character. Jackson had a long run on the show — 8 years and 159 episodes!
The sad truth came out about Jackson’s tanned, ripped physique after the show ended — he was admitted to a rehab facility for an addiction to steroids and drugs. Years later, Jackson would try to turn his downward spiral into upward momentum — he was featured on Celeb Rehab With Dr. Drew and Confessions Of A Teen Idol, however these attempts to rekindle public interest in him proved unsuccessful.
More recently, a sex tape with porn star Sky Lopez turned out to be just what the celebrity doctor called for, and Jackson was featured on the 2015 season of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Not the classiest return to the spotlight, but it’s a tough world out there!

Carmen Electra

carmen electra baywatch

Credit: Hulton Archive (L), Jesse Grant (R)/Getty Images

As a model, actress, singer and dancer, the star we know as Carmen Electra was born talented, but with a different name — Tara Leigh Patrick. Before Baywatch Carmen had a career acting in smaller TV and film roles, and even a short-lived music career. However, after landing a spread in Playboy Magazine, she was established as a femme fatale and her name was in Hollywood to stay.
In 1997 she was cast as Lani McKenziie on Baywatch. Since the show ended, Carmen Electra has been one of the stars whose been able to maintain a steady stream of acting work and star power, and at 43, she’s probably the member of the cast that’s still looking the most smoking in 2016.