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The Cast Of Baywatch: Then And Now

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Gregory Allen Williams

Gregory Alan Williams Baywatch

Credit: (L), Instagram @therealj5ive (R)

Mr. Williams is another lucky one out of the cast of Baywatch — after he proved his acting chops as Garner Ellerbee in the sexy, star-studded cast, he went on to win roles in huge TV phenomena like The Sopranos, West Wing, Boston Legal, One Tree Hill, and even got his name out there as a published author of four books.
These days, Williams still makes occasional appearances on the big and small screens, but he likes to live his life mainly out of the public eye. He’s on the record having said, though, that he loves acting, and he pans to keep going as long as he can!

Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson Baywatch

Source: (L) Instagram @therodroberts (R)

Parker Stevenson is one of the cast members of Baywatch that was already enjoying success as a young actor in Hollywood before being cast. Most notably, he was the heartthrob of many a teenage girl in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries in the late 1970’s. His stud factor was only upped when he was cast as sexy life-saver Craig Pomeroy on Baywatch in 1989. He took some time off from the series but made a successful return to the cast in the late 90’s before the show ended.
Since he hung up his red swimsuit, Stevenson decided to retire behind the camera and raised two children. At 63, he’s definitely achieved silver fox status and is continuing to explore his passion for photography! You can still catch him in occasional smaller roles in film and TV, though.

Michael Bergin

Michael Bergin Batwatch

Source: (L), Instagram @gingerdmelton (R)

Michael Bergin had all the makings for the perfect cast member of Baywatch — for one thing, he was one of the first popular male supermodels, so he had that hunk thing going on already. Similar to the way some female actresses got discovered for the show through their spreads in Playboy, Bergin was a coveted Calvin Klein underwear model prior to being cast on the show.
Unfortunately, Bergin attempted to keep his name in the spotlight after Baywatch in all the wrong ways. After a fleeting affair with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (while she was already in talks with JFK Jr, her husband-to-be) Bergin decided to bank on the incident and published a book called The Other Man that basically ended his career.
These days, Bergin passes his time being a D.A.R.E. advisor — not the most glamorous position, but commendable. Where was Bergin when Jeremy Jackson needed help?