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The Convoluted Message Behind the Whiteness Project

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Source: Facebook/ Let’s Talk: Whiteness Project

Not surprisingly, in our PC-centric society, people were quick to denounce The Whiteness Project as a racist platform, regardless of its good intentions.

Following a slew of negative comments, Project Creator Whitney Dow wrote a disclaimer on the project’s Facebook. “Whiteness Project was designed to foster conversation on how whiteness fits into the equation of race and identity. It is not a pro-white project, it is an anti racism, pro-equality project.”

Of course, the most telling aspect of what the project is and is not are the many interviews that Dow and his team—which he clarified is made up of many nationalities—conducted, primarily with young white millennials. While the project may have the greater good of open racial dialogue in mind, and while some interviews show thoughtful insight into people working to make a better future, many of them were, frankly, damning, further confirming people’s fears about what the project truly promotes.

See for yourself:


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“72% of millennials say their generation believes in equality more than previous generations.” In Wade’s experience:

“I’ve seen a lot of older white men complaining about them being discriminated against because they’re white, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think it’s more of like… everybody is just getting put on more equal footing, and they’re not used to it.”


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“51% of white Americans think slavery is ‘not a factor at all’ in the lower average wealth of black Americans.” Chaney says,

“I wouldn’t say that we owe other races reparations for the past because I’m not that person, I didn’t do that to you, and I can’t help what others have done to your ancestors. It’s not like specifically I am hurting black people today, or Hispanics, or Asians, like… I didn’t do anything to you guys so step off. You can’t get things for people who are dead. It’s all in the past, you have to build forward, you know, and just try to keep going. Do good for your own race, you know?”