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The Creepiest Foods On Earth

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A nightmare for your mouth

You’ve probably heard of weird foods like live octopus and urine soaked eggs, but a restaurant in Japan has one upped everything I’ve seen before. I’m not really squeamish when it comes to food – I’ll try just about anything once. But looking at these photos makes me second guess my adventurousness.

Japan is known for having foods that are weird and maybe a little gross to us in the west. Horse meat sashimi, octopus ice cream and placenta jelly just to name a few items that we do not have. Over in Kanagawa, Japan there is a restaurant that makes over the top dishes. I’m not talking about fancy plating and gold plates. I’m talking deep fried bugs, lizards, birds and some unidentifiable animals. Get ready to have some nightmares with these foods.

fried bug dish


Warning! Not for the squeamish!

Giant bugs

fried bugs


These are huge suckers! I’m scared of them normally, no way I’d put one in my mouth.

Worm dessert

worm dessert


Adds a little crunch your creamy.