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The Creepiest Things People Have Ever Seen in Strangers’ Houses While on the Job

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Welcome to Our Home.

Going to other people’s houses can be scary.

And I’m not just talking about when you’re little and not used to spending time away from home. In fact, playdates and sleepovers are some of the best parts about being a kid, right? It’s only when you come face to face with someone else’s rules, norms, and interior design tastes that the nightmares really begin.

The home is a very private place, and in many cultures, it’s not at all typical to invite strangers or even friends to your house. Is your family more shy and reserved, or are you the ones always throwing family parties and hosting barbecues? Do you have an open door policy, or will you not let anyone in?

Take a second to think about all the strangers you let into your home from time to time. Painters, movers, plumbers, realtors, babysitters, family, friends, salespeople—the list goes on. How many of them do you trust? Or should they be the ones worried about trusting you?

Many people’s professions require them to go into the homes of strangers, and you can only imagine the types of things they’ve seen. Redditors who go into people’s houses for a living—from pizza boys to physical therapists—were asked to share the strangest things they’ve ever seen, and these stories will make you scared the next time your neighbor invites you over.

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Stranger danger to the extreme…


old polaroid camera


When I was young we used to clean up after fires. The soot goes everywhere, so everything has to be cleaned (insurance covers it).

Even dildos, polaroid nudes and all other sex toys. We would have to go through their drawers and clean everything, and I always warned them. This was in the late 80’s, so there was no internet then, but at that time Polaroid nudes were popular.

As for creepiest, I once had to attempt to clean a fancy chair that had had a rotting corpse on it for weeks. The chair was expensive, so we had to prove to the insurance company that it wasn’t cleanable. (roidetective)

Feeding the Cat

number 23 writing on walls

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My neighbor once asked me to feed his cat for him while he was out of town. Nice guy, mid 30s, lived alone, ran his own landscaping company. He would sometimes cut our grass for us when he was out cutting his on his huge landscaping mower. So I mean, yeah, of course I’ll feed your cat for a few days.

Bible verses were written in red marker on every inch of every mirror in his house, and there were an odd amount of mirrors. Like, multiple full length mirrors in just his living room, absolutely covered in tiny red Bible verses.

I never really looked at him the same after that. (Teemo4evr)