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The Cruelest Human Experiments in US History

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There are a lot of sociopaths and psychopaths in the world. Many of them aren’t evil, but once in awhile you’ll have someone who lacks compassion and humanity. Take the Nazis, for example: They had no qualms conducting disgusting experiments on innocent people. But we’re different in America, aren’t we? Don’t we have compassion for our fellow beings? These following scientists and researchers are only a few of (extremely) disturbing cases that have left black marks on our great nation.

Credit: Express/Getty Images

Credit: Express/Getty Images

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Radioactivity on Pregnant Women

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Soon after the end of WWII, many medical researchers were obsessed with the idea of chemical warfare and its effect on the human body. Over 800 pregnant women were given supposed vitamin drinks — they were told it would help their unborn babies. However, the drinks contained radioactive iron and the researchers were studying how quickly the radioisotope transferred from mother into the placenta. At least seven of the babies later died from cancers, including leukemia. The women themselves experienced many side effects also including cancer.


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In 1954, the CIA developed an experiment called Project QKHILLTOP in order to study Chinese brainwashing techniques. With this information, our government used this information to develop new methods of interrogation. Dr. Harold Wolff of Cornell University Medical School headed the experiment. The CIA provided him with information on cruel things like imprisonment, deprivation, humiliation, torture, and brainwashing. Wolff’s research team began to formulate a plan through which they would develop secret drugs and various brain damaging procedures in order to achieve mind control.