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The Cutest ‘Star Wars’ Fans You Ever Did See

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Oz Comic-Con took place the other weekend in Sydney, Australia, and the stars of the show were this adorable brother-sister duo dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters.

Big sis Lara (3) and little brother John (2) attended the convention dressed as Leia and Chewbacca, respectively, and they were easily the youngest–and cutest–of the 100,000 attendees.

While it’s cute to think that these two toddlers picked out their own costumes, we’re going to have to assume that there were some dedicated Star Wars-loving parents behind the fun-sized fandom.

As devoted geeks ourselves, we love seeing this family pass their fondness for Star Wars to a new generation. Hopefully these two kids will grow up doing only what they love without worrying what people think; life’s a lot more fun that way.

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