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The Doctor Told Her to Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome. One Year Later, Here’s the Letter She Wrote Him in Return.

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A person’s a person, no matter how small.

Abortion is such a touchy subject mostly because of how extraordinarily personal it is. While we believe anyone is entitled to their own opinion, we think it’s even more important to enable women to do anything they want to their bodies – whether it’s to choose to keep a child or have an abortion. This woman decided to go against the advice of her OB-GYN and, a year later, the letter she wrote him will pull at your heartstrings.

Emersyn Faith in cute tutu

Credit: Facebook/Courtney Williams Baker

Grab a box of tissues, this story is absolutely beautiful

This is Courtney Baker and her husband.

Courtney Williams Baker posing with her husband in a field

Credit: Facebook/Courtney Williams Baker

A little over a year ago, she found out that the baby she was carrying had Down syndrome. To any expecting couple, these words are terrifying. Having a baby is hard enough, but one with Down syndrome brings a whole new set of fears. The couple turned to their doctor for comfort and advice, but they didn’t quite hear what they wanted to.

The doctor suggested that the baby be aborted.

New born photo of Emersyn Faith Baker

Credit: Facebook/Courtney Williams Baker

As devout Christians, this went against everything the Bakers believed. Even after the couple refused, the doctor continued to pressure them saying their quality of life would be “horrible” raising a child with Down syndrome. Regardless of the doctor’s advice, the Bakers went through with the pregnancy and gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Emersyn Faith.