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The Dumbest Things Ever Said by Actual Teachers

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I mean, we all believe in fairytales to some extent, right?

dragon art

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My biology teacher was asking us for examples of extinct animals, one person said dragons and she agreed with him. I was later sent out of class due to attempting to contradict her. (MrCamman69)

Confucius say whaaaat?!

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A friend’s world history teacher told his class that Confucius once remarked “It is wasteful to try to kill a fly with a cannon or a bullet.” Someone mentioned that Confucius lived thousands of years before gunpowder was invented, in response to which the teacher argued he was right for some time. The next day he told the class “Even though he wasn’t right, they shouldn’t have questioned him because he has authority and experience.”

He is not teaching at our school next year. (PotatoSlapper)

When a teacher gets put in their place because of you…

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I did this once. Argued with a teacher all period about something stupid. I think it was how long a year is. It’s closer to 365.25 days than 365. Finally we went and looked it up. She told me that I was still wrong for questioning an adult and not just listening to her.

Next day my dad was at school talking to my principal. Teacher was forced to apologize to me infront of the whole class, and explain that her job was to educate, not dictate. (cerem86)