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The Funniest Office Notes in History!

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Office Space

What is work like for you? Do you work in a comfortable, open environment, or must you keep things very professional at all times?

The concept of the workplace has changed greatly from the days of Mad Men, thanks in part to movies and shows like Office Space and The Office, and many people in the workforce are familiar with the standard jokes and perpetual pet peeves that come along with working with the same people every day for years on end.

One of the best ways to keep work from becoming too monotonous is a healthy and lively office culture, which can either come at the hands of managers and HR or, otherwise, as an organic byproduct of employee rapport.

Do you joke around with your coworkers? Are you friends with any of them outside the office? Or are you one person during the workweek and another person completely on nights and weekends with your friends and family?

The following office notes, many of them passive aggressive, are the typical and hilarious results of having people work with each other all the time. From humorous Post-its to sassy, unofficial memos, these might just remind you of your own office!

office notes intro new food

Source: Imgur/ drbatookhan

Which one of these would you try at work??

Take a Number

office notes complaint grenade

Source: Imgur/ drbatookhan

Sounds like this guy is ready to go off at any moment.

A Hairy Situation

office notes stray hair

Source: Imgur/ drbatookhan

This worker could have just cleaned the hair, but then why do they hire cleaning personnel?