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Parent Humor on Point

Do parents always have the last laugh? No matter how hard we sneak and lie, parents always seem to know exactly what we’re up to, even when they act like they don’t.

After all, they’ve been there before. Chances are your parents have already gone through the same situations as you’re facing now. And whether the years have turned them strict or even more lax, one thing is for sure: As long as you’re being safe, they might simply not care what kind of trouble you’re getting yourself into.

What do you want and need from your parents? Love? Support? What about humor?

parent notes zig zag featured

Source: Imgur/ thesimper

These parents gave all of the above…

Great Balls of Fire

parent notes fireball money

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“Alex, To replace your Fireball. Thanks. Helped me relax + write sermon. Mom”

Now this is one parent I NEED to meet!

Good Cop Bad Cop

parent notes good cop bad cop

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“Eric! DO NOT:
1. Smoke the “stank”!!
2. Be a hoodlum!!
3. Mess with the Idaho womenfolk!!
4. Drink alcohol!!
5. Be a “thug!”!!!
6. Gang bang!!!
Love, Dad”

1. Close garage door! 🙂
2. Sunscreen!!
3. Pay Dylan for gas!
4. Bring a jacket!”

I wonder if mom and dad planned this…